Another procrastination and buffering question

When I described my morning buffering and procrastination as feeling unconscious, the advice I received was to stop procrastinating to see what feelings came up (and therefore what feelings I’m avoiding). Over the past two weeks I’ve done that several times and the feelings that come up when I try to start my morning routine are frantic, anxious and/ or under pressure. Thoughts are – I have to get everything done, I won’t finish in time, hurry up, I have to leave for work by 9. My goal is to have a morning routine so I feel ready for the day (pack lunch, fill water bottles, etc) and won’t come home to a mess (dishes, pick up, etc.) but also to get things done in a more peaceful way I suppose. This morning I gave myself 90 minutes to do everything but I finished in 60. Mostly because I let that frantic energy carry me. So my question is – should I work on the thoughts that make me feel anxious and frantic? Or allow the feeling of frantic and take action anyway? Or both? Thanks much.