Anti depressants

Brooke – I’ve been on and off a low level of Zoloft for years and years. It has worked great for me and gotten me through the tough postpartum months after each of our four kids and beyond. My youngest is now five. Looking back I wonder how much of my feelings I was missing feeling but really it’s what I needed to be the best mom and wife I could be at the time. Now that my youngest is starting kindergarten next week, I am about to have much more time for myself. Perfect timing for SCS!
My question is: Should I ween off my anti depressants now so that as I really work this program I get to really dig into my true feelings? Or, should I just stay in the peace I had previously found of feeling “it’s just my chemstry and there is nothing wrong around taking meds.” (I used to have a lot of shame about it)
I will be starting my food protocol very soon so it’s probably too much change all at once. Should I have getting off anti depressants as a goal? Is SCS a way to do that? How can I ever coach someone in the future if I don’t fully use The Model without the crutch of a pill?

Can’t wait to hear back!
Loving this journey,