Anticipating hustle season is increasing anxiety

Last year I worked full time and took two college classes. This year I am increasing my course load to four college classes and working from home as a nutrition coach, and I have anxiety around this. I should also mention I am a single mom of two school-aged kids. Here are my thoughts:
– How will I manage full-time school, work, and kids, especially if schools switch to virtual during the school year?
– I will be exhausted and won’t have any downtime
– Something’s gotta give. Can I really thrive in three areas, or will one area suffer?
– Because I will spend so much time doing school work, I will have less time to add services to my business and bring in more income.

These thoughts give me anxiety and overwhelm. What I would like to think/feel: self-efficacy, smart enough, energetic, confident in my ability, not afraid of hustling over the next 16 weeks.

Since I understand my feelings are caused by my thoughts ABOUT school, work, and family, I’m struggling to find better thoughts that’ll serve me.