Antsy about constraining to one goal

I finally decided to contrain to one goal, since my previous plan of unrestricted goal making and breaking was not working. No goals were achieved, so I decided to follow Brooke’s advice and just focus on one thing. I am working on losing some weight that has been bothering me for a year (and has been on my goal list for a year). Now, I have worked on my thoughts and I have a plan to lose the weight. I feel like it is inevitable. But now I’m feeling impatient and want to do something else while it takes the time that it takes to lose the weight. The thing is, there isn’t much to “do” while I’m waiting on this weight loss. I just follow my plan, practice my thoughts and wait. What I need to do is an absence of action – of overeating. I know I can do other things in my day but I don’t want to lose focus either. Am I not trusting the process enough?