Last July, I quit my job. My company was restructuring, but I made the choice to leave because this situation was too painful for plenty of reasons. I left without having any new job or any “plan” as such or any “objective”. I wanted to have a break.

I did enjoy the summer break and the month of September because of plenty of time I could take with my kids and for myself. However, since one month, I have some anxiety coming back.

I’ve always been suffering of anxiety but it comes and it disappear depending on the situation. But recently this pain is growing in my stomach and I feel like I am totally stuck. I don’t know where I am going. I can’t make any decision because my brain is giving me several options each day.

One day, I want to find a regular job, another day I want to be a life coach, and the 3rd day I want to enjoy being with my kids. I realize I want to do everything, but I cannot. I want to have it all. This situation is making me feel very bad, very anxious and overwhelmed. This is hard to live with this painful ball in my stomach.

What would you tell me?

Thank you.