Hi Brooke. I loved the master coach weekend: so awesome being around like-minded people, vibrant, committed teachers and to see you live was an incredible treat.

I’m noticing I’m at the beginning stages of just seeing anxiety rather than reacting to it and judging it as a problem or a threat. I love how you talk about it just being part of you and how you wake up with it and fully accept it as part of your make-up. That has helped me so much. My question is this: did the acceptance just continue to deepen with practice? Are you at the point where it’s not a problem any more but just a part of who you are? I kind of compare it to needing glasses, I’m not thrilled that I can’t see, but I just put glasses on, I don’t make it to a big problem…. I get on with it. I’d like my anxiety to be that simple. Thoughts?

There was so many moments that came up for me this weekend and I’m looking forward to deep diving into the workbook. One thing that really stood out for me this weekend is when you spoke about Victim vs. Vulnerability. I was molested for many years growing up and was around a lot of addiction, violence and dysfunction. When I started getting help many years ago, I didn’t like the feeling of being put in a box and labeled, and being told I’d always have a certain kind of struggle. None of those past events corroded my soul because of who created my soul (or as you say, my past doesn’t determine my future)
Just now, I’m also beginning to feel the same about my mind. My mind is perfectly healthy and fine and I just need to become a better operator of it.

Your talk felt very inline with these thoughts. As everyone here says, you’ve taught me so much and I’m so proud to call you my teacher. Peace.