This year has been glorious with no medication or an anxiety attacks. Three weeks ago, on a flight, it all came to a halt. Some insane turbulence kicked in full force for about 5 minutes I was sure I was going to die… Anxiety attack was full force. My husband managed to find an old dried out, year old Xanax. Failure. I sobbed. Not because of the fact I took the Xanax but because I felt that everything I had worked so hard for this year had disappeared in an instant leaving me completely frozen and unable to think it through. Since then, I’ve had random swooshes of anxiety visit me everyday and literally come out of no where. It has been a process figuring this one out. Is it normal for my brain/body to take weeks to level out again after an intense attack? And today I wondered if the subconscious has anything to do with anxiety? If so can you touch on that and what I can focus on?