Thank you for sharing your current work with anxiety. I have been alcohol free for over a year now, I have had anxiety for as long as i can remember, it is definite a C for me. This last year i have managed the anxiety, not numbed out with wine, gotten my work done despite the anxiety being there…and this month my work really is requiring me to take it to the next level and i have of course felt anxiety but all of a sudden by mind is screaming “drink all the wine, snort all the drugs” and “you are more productive but you are not happier, you are boring, just have fun”, “this isn’t worth it, drink the wine, connect with people, have fun”. Yes she (my mind) is a fucking crazy woman!
Does your mind do this with wine and food still or not at all? I think i am a bit boring on most people’s standards these days, but i also have had all the wine and drugs anyone needs in a lifetime…i dont want to drink, i want to build a business and create wealth for myself and my children, I want to do something of value in this world…why wont my mind get behind me!