Thank you so much for the wonderful coaching a couple weeks ago. I wrote a great profile (at least I think it is) that truly represents me after I got inspired. I can still do some fine tuning on it but at least I have something up and working for me.

You and other scholars often talk of anxiety. I’ve never experienced it, that I’m aware of—until maybe now. In fact, I’m not even sure I know what it is. While nothing at my job has changed in terms of workload, I feel like my ability to cope with stress has changed. Could be an affect of multiple new prescriptions I’m on, an affect of my not managing my thoughts well enough or a combination of both.

If I don’t catch my escalating thoughts and run-away mind of late, before I know it I have a tightness in my chest (really I feel it more in my lungs but I guess that is still the chest) and soreness/constriction in my throat. I’m not sure if this is what you guys refer to as anxiety or not. Sound familiar? Assuming it is anxiety, beyond managing my mind to hopefully keep it from getting to that point, do you have suggestions for easing the physical sensation once it’s taken hold?

I did a thought download tonight after it had gotten to the point described above and realize just how fast the anger was building (and I’m not normally an angry person) to the point of a whole page full of things I’m angry about. Holy shit, Batman! Beyond this physical feeling I described, I’m finding it so hard to be rooted in my normally easy going/optimistic frame of mind. You got a whiff of that when you coached me.

Thanks beautiful!
Mary in Dallas