Anxiety about Anxiety

I think I’m finally realizing I have a lot of anxiety now and have had a lot of anxiety in my life. I have an absolutely amazing life and to me, no reason to be anxious. But I am waking up and walking around sometimes with such an anxious feeling in my chest. Then my brain goes to irrational and untrue thoughts that seem like they want to push me to “fix” or “solve” or “stew over” something that isn’t real or true to me. It’s been hard for me to wrap my brain around that I could just have anxiety and that’s okay. (My dad has it as well) so I think I’ve been thinking I need to act or change something in my life to relieve myself of this anxiety.

I’m close to being ready to having kids and a whole slew of anxiety has come up about past choices, future worries and fears. However, I’ve been recently allowing this anxiety more in my life the last couple years so I am also starting to think I’ve had this for years (as a child, teen, adult) and just done my best to suppress it or obsessively change my C to think I could get rid of it.

How do I deal better with my anxiety about anxiety?

My brain is really tricking me on this one and telling me to change everything when I know that’s not true and I love the life I have chosen for myself with the people I’ve chosen it with.