Anxiety about concert

Hi Brooke!
So I’ve decided not to drink for the month of September and so far so good; however, I am going to a concert tomorrow night with 9 other people. We are taking a limo and everyone will be drinking and this situation is definitely one where I would otherwise drink, for sure. My thoughts right now are that I’m going to be jealous of everyone drinking, that they will be having more fun than I am, blah, blah, blah. I’ve been sooooo great lately without alcohol but this event is a big deal for me not to drink. I’ve been running models about how present I will be by not drinking, how I won’t be hungover, and especially that I will be productive on Sunday as I have scheduled some work to do on that day. I’m learning to be present with my thoughts and urges but it’s like I’m already psyching myself out that I won’t get to drink tomorrow night. I almost want to make a drink plan for tomorrow night so I can relax but I also feel like I’ll be upset with myself if I do because of my no drinking for the month. Help!!!