Anxiety and overwhelm intentional mode

Hi! I’m reaching out with an intentional model attempt. I have struggled with anxiety (objectively, it is not ever over anything remotely catastrophic) for years, and it’s really kicking up tons of physical symptoms, like migraines, hair loss, pain etc. I’m positive that the anxiety directly causes these symptoms (a quick and passing small stressor will often trigger an instant and lasting migraine). To be clear, nothing here is life-threatening; I’m just ready to change my thinking and allow my anxiety to exist with far less emphasis and importance.

This is what I WANT to feel:

C: anxiety causing physical symptoms/autoimmune response
T: I deserve to enjoy life outside the grips of anxiety
F: gentle and loving toward myself
A: rationalize drama and refocus energy to more satisfying activities (whether productive or purely recreational)
R: My body and mind are not controlled by anxiety.

I think this model makes sense, and I can easily believe the thought that I deserve this better life. Am I making too broad of a model? It feels like I am not tightening into something sufficiently concrete to really create a result, but I’m a little stuck as to how to make this thought or circumstance smaller in scope.