Anxiety around current events.

Hello. I found out today that my children’s school will not open in the Fall due to COVID. Like everyone, these past few months have been super difficult personally and professionally and I’ve been so looking forward to have school start in the fall to give my children a chance to get back to the school they love and also have more time and space for myself to work and practice self care. This news has brought up so many emotions, questions, anxiety and a huge desire to try to predict the future – when will this end? How will these longterm school closures affect my kids? What will the next months and years look like?

So my question, how can I reach a place of acceptance? I feel like I have to make huge decisions right now on how to move forward, homeschool v. virtual school or tutor, and what to do with my business. But I can’t shake the need to know the future while trying to think through everything.