Anxiety around deadlines for goals…


I need some help around setting a deadline for goals. I’ve consumed a lot of personal development material related to goals & they say when you truly decide/commit to achieving a goal no matter what, you cut out all other options.

If that’s the case, then there’s no timeline for the goals. The timeline is “however long it takes.”

But for me, that creates a bit of anxiety. The reason I went to college & got a degree in the first place was as a backup plan because all along I knew I wanted to start my own business & that’s always been my plan. But when I cut that out as a possibility, it creates some anxiety.

On the other hand, when I try to set a fixed timeline, I also get anxiety because I worry that if I don’t accomplish my goal by then, then I have to quit & I don’t want to quit. I also feel pressure because I feel like I’m racing against time to accomplish my goal & once my deadline passes, that’s it, I have to move on.

Here are some models that I worked on:

T- If I’ve truly decided & am truly committed to achieving my goal, then I will cut off all other options, jobs, etc. & pursue my goal no matter how long it takes.
F- Anxious b/c it seems like I’ll be pursuing my goals forever (years, decades) without a deadline
A- resistance, buffering, procrastination, spend time worrying
R- cut off options, but feel stuck in biz

C- N/A
T- If biz, doesn’t work out, I can always go get a job b/c I have my college degree
F- Relieved
A- More passive action & lose the hunger/drive to take massive action
R- biz doesn’t work out 🙁

C- N/A
T- I have X years to accomplish goal…(The clock is ticking)
F- Anxious
A- resistance, buffering, procrastination, spend time worrying
R- Time keeps passing, no results in biz

Your help is greatly appreciated!