Anxiety as a circumstance

Hi Brooke, you mentioned in the coaching call this week about how you do a model on anxiety each morning (with anxiety as the Circumstance). I am interested in this idea. Anxiety is something I have with me most (ok I’ll be honest, all) days. It feels like something I carry around, like you said, in a purse. Most days it is just there in the background and I manage it but occasionally it takes over my day. The model I have is;
C anxiety
T I can’t do this, I don’t have time, I can’t cope
F angry, fearful, out of control
A rush around, manic, multi task, snap/short temper
R nothing gets completed and relationships get damaged

I have reflected on the days when I manage anxiety well and this is the general download
C anxiety
T I can do this, anxiety is always there and it hasn’t harmed you in the past, you always get things done, you have all the time you need, you always cope
F calm, confident, in control
A act methodically, considered, on task
R shit gets done and relationships strengthened (especially with self)

I can see that the thoughts in reframing anxiety make a huge difference and am keen to hear what some of yours are?

Thank you!