Anxiety Attack

Hey Brooke, I am doing the work of being committed to my goal of getting 5 clients and doing well with the daily thought downloads. I am pushing myself WAY out of my comfort zone and feel a new sense of intensity in myself and my work. Today as I was working, I began to get intense feelings of anxiety and severe cramps in my abdominal area. When I was younger (middle school age) and dealing with hard things I would get this feeling and called them Stress Cramps. I laid down and tried to locate the thought that was causing these feelings and as I tried to the pain only got worse and worse. I know this because I would focus my thoughts on something good and the pain would ease. After unsuccessfully trying to get to the thoughts from different angles as well as trying to just feel the feeling and let it pass, it never did. It was like I was unconsciously thinking something and unless I Consciously thought of something good the pain kept intensifying to the point of being unbearable and unable to breathe.

As I type this question now, a couple of hours later, I can feel myself getting anxious as well. I want to get to the thought(s) that are causing this feeling, but my mind clouds the more I try and my anxiety increases.

I don’t know if I am making any sense or not, but I guess I am looking for guidance on how to handle situations like this? Where the thoughts can cause crippling side affects and attempting to explore them only increases the pain, but ignoring it is not an option for me.

Thanks, Courtney