Anxiety Attacks

Last week a friend reached out to discuss a possible job opportunity for me. I was looking forward to catching up with this person, but out of nowhere I had a full on anxiety attack. An anxiety attack for me is completely paralyzing. My heart starts raising, I can’t breath, then I can’t get enough air to talk, and I start to shake uncontrollably. I’m so ashamed and embarrassed that I have these anxiety attacks. I know I need to work through my thoughts to get to the point where an anxiety attack is neutral (or ok) for me, but I’m struggling with that.
Unintentional Model:
C: Anxiety Attack
T: I’m ashamed and embarrassed that I have anxiety attacks
F: Shame
A: Avoid situations that trigger anxiety attacks; ignore or hide that I have anxiety attacks; buffering
R: Not pursing anything that might cause an anxiety attack; continue to have anxiety attacks
Intentional Model (isn’t working for me):
C: Anxiety Attack
T: I have anxiety attacks and that’s ok
F: Disbelief (obviously the intentional thought isn’t working)
How do I work on having thoughts that are more accepting on anxiety attacks?