Anxiety breakthrough

Doing my SCS home work for September this morning and this was my Unintentional Thought:

C: lost 1.5 pounds
T: brain said “today is the day you’ll quit.”
F: anxiety
A: in a hurry to get through day, working from scarcity
R: not enjoying the process or appreciating how far I’ve come

I wrote that I want to feel relaxed and that I need to trust myself. I’ve got this no matter what so it’s ok to chill and enjoy the process because the anxiety is the process. It means it’s working and I’m growing.

Then my Intentional Model:

C: lost 1.5 pounds
T: anxiety is just a sign of growth and part of the growth process.
F: anxiety
A: of course I relaxed almost immediately and saw the day as an opportunity to grow
R: work from abundance because growth is happening

It was a huge revelation for me that I can change JUST the thought about the feeling without changing the feeling at all, and that in and of itself almost immediately got rid of the physical sensation of anxiety in my body. I’ve been trying to go from anxiety to relaxed or confident without really allowing the anxiety. So my intentional model already came to fruition today (at 6 am) because this breakthrough has already made today amazing. lol

our brains are crazy! thank you for this work.