Anxiety/Fear about people’s reactions

So I am a pretty successful fashion professional. And i’ve been through various ups and downs in life but have always been pretty resilient and very focussed on my career.

Over th epast couple of years, i’ve developed this fear of asking people things because of fear of getting a no or that they won’t be interested. it got so bad that towards the end of leaving my last job, i simply couldn’t bear to look at emails in case i didnt like the tone i perceived it in and often feared there was rejection in there, even though there was no real reason for me to expect that.

Ironically, my role was developed over time by me pitching ideas (although at the time i guess i didnt think of it as pitching), and them being successful and me making 10s if not 100s of millions of pounds for the fashion companies I worked for.

i know i’m well liked and respected in my industry and now as a newly fledged consultant, i’m trying to build a business and a team but this fear of asking people things in case they say no is becoming debilitating. Advice and tips on how i can manage this using the model/thought downloads or anything else you recommend would be great.

I lost out on £1700 by ignoring emails from my HR on my gardening leave about my end date because i was so scared to read the emails. There’s so many instances of this which are affecting my life including ignoring bills etc.

I need to resolve it ASAP but i feel confident now i’ve started scholars that this anxiety and fear can be resolved.

Thank you so much in advance.