Anxiety going to the grocery store

You can’t imagine the panic I feel when I go to the grocery store. The masks, the gloves, the tension. The feeling like by interacting with others, no matter the distance I am a contributor to death. It is so debilitation. I know that according to Brook I can change my thought to change my feelings. However everyone I talk to understands the tension grocery shopping. Even the strongest most emotionally balanced people.
Q: Are my feeling real? I want to get rid of this panic. It’s so debilitating for me emotionally.
When you answer, I can’t take the fluff stuff… change your thoughts… I’m not ready for that. I am just so scared and full of grief for this situation.
The deaths, my grandfather died from the virus 2 weeks ago and I am still devastated. I have no words to even describe. it.
The question is, how do I navigate myself when leaving the house?