Anxiety- March Work


How can I help overcome anxiety using March’s work or any SCS tools. Anxiety is not leaving me, no matter how hard I try, once I know I am responsible for doing something I can’t stop thinking about the task until it is completed and checked off my list. I do try to bring in positive thoughts like.. It is going to be okay, you will finish this thing on time. But my brain is stubborn, unless it visually sees it is done, it won’t let me be in peace. My brain is constantly jumping from one thing to other because I am nervous and not able to get started on the task even to bring it to completion. Can you please help me dissect what is happening here, I will try to do a model here

C : Anxiety
T1: Unless I see you finish the task, you can’t rest or stop thinking about how to do the task, because if you rest you are wasting time
T2: I have to do this, I keep procrastinating
T3: I am still unable to be focused when I know very well this is a priority
F: Scared, nervous
A: I do all the other unimportant task but the important one, I go online start reading about articles to fix my anxiety. I try to meditate but it last for only 5 mins. When I lay in my bed, I am compulsively thinking about the task and imagining how to do it. I go on short breaths unconsciously
R: I do the task but eventually feel very exhausted, and my whole body aches at the end of it

I was wondering are there ways to trick my brain around this. Like putting things on calendar would that help me calm down? I desperately want to come from a place of Calm confidence when doing a task, absolutely enjoy doing it and feel like I am in control of things and things are not controlling me. Pleaseeeee help!