Anxiety Model Help

I’m working on a model that I seem to have many different thoughts about.

C – Anxiety (Diagnosed General Anxiety Disorder)
T – I have built my identity around anxiety
F – Hopeless
A – Sleep more, scroll social media for hours, procrastinate on things I need to get done, spend time researching anxiety and how to overcome it, read self help books, call the doctor to get medicine for anxiety
R –

Does the thought match the feeling? Not sure what result would be other than I prove to myself that I am making anxiety part of my identity, which leads to the next model that I’m struggling with.

C – Anxiety
T – I don’t know how to break my identity of anxiety
F – Anxious
A – Sleep, take extra walks, avoid going places, spend my day in my house, read self help books about Anxiety, scroll social media, don’t do the the things I’m supposed to.
R – I’m not taking action to fix the problem. Is this correct?

Thank you for your help!