Anxiety over an Airbnb reservation

Hello, I am coordinating a long term trip for my partner, myself, and 2 dogs. This has involved getting permission from my job. Recently, they asked me to change some dates. I had previously negotiated with an Airbnb where we stayed last year for a returning guest discount (they liked us a lot and had offered it last year if we ever come back – we didn’t ask initially, they offered it).

With the new dates, the discount got removed. I followed up with the Airbnb host and have not heard back. I notice anxiety rising in me that either (a) they’re upset with me for asking again after a change, or (b) won’t follow through on offering it now that we had a shift in our dates. It is a matter of $400, but it’s more about the previous agreement falling through than the money that is causing anxiety I think.

This feels like a silly thing for me to be anxious about. It seems like in the long run $400 shouldn’t matter, so why do I care so much? I feel like they might betray me–again, who cares? I could just cancel the reservation if they don’t follow through. Maybe I’m afraid of conflict?

Your thoughts are appreciated!