Anxiety Over Husband’s Headache

Hi Brooke, I have been an anxious person my whole life, only the last few years I started realizing that I’m one. After listening to your podcasts and joining scs my anxiety is very much under control. But I do freak out over my family members health. For example my husband’s having a bad headache which wouldn’t go away with ibuprofen. It’s happening second time this week and he thinks it’s ok, something due to bad food he ate. My mind is just freaking out ever since I found out about it and imagining all the worst ailments he could have. I’m super anxious right now and I know this is caused by my thoughts. I tell myself worrying has no upside. If this happens a third time we would go see a doctor , so for now I’m going to take a deep breadth and let it go. My mind just won’t buy it. It keeps coming back with the thoughts – something’s wrong , you are doomed. Life can be good only for so long… etc. Gives me all worst scenarios , I keep imagining the extreme and I cause so much suffering for myself. I am sad and freaked out. Let me know how can I coach myself in this situation. Thanks