Anxiety over social schedule

Hi Brooke,

I notice that whenever my schedule gets packed with social obligations I start to freak out in advance. I’m not sure if this is the introvert in me that needs to set the boundaries but I definitely feel overwhelmed when I see many social dates on my calendar and notice that “me” time is lacking.

My question is, is this a matter of honoring my need for alone time? Or is this my brain? To be honest I would love to keep all my social commitments but feel that it takes me much longer to decompress afterward and then seeing more dates on the calendar for the next day makes me even more anxious.

When I do a thought download I do notice thoughts that certainly don’t help.

What if I burnout again?
Where is this anxiety coming from?
There is too much going on.
I want to be able to handle this.

I would love your thoughts on this.

Thank you.