Anxiety over talking

I have this general anxiety over speaking in meetings. I’m not a native speaker and right from childhood I have this fear or anxiety over talking in English. But I have made great progress and I can talk fluently in English.  Suddenly I have the same thought pattern like olden days since last few weeks that I can’t speak properly and I’m going to be lost in words in meetings. Deep down I know I can speak well but I’m not sure why the thought of it is suddenly increasing my fear. I tried to do a thought work but it is not helping.


C: Talk in meetings
T: What if I can’t speak properly and stop talking or involving myself in the meeting.
F: Fear
A: Try to rehearse how I will talk in the meetings. Keep thinking how it fail
R: Believing I’m not good speaker

C: Talk in meetings
T: I have spoken well in meetings earlier and I’ll be able to do it
F: Calm
A: Prepare for meeting from content perspective and not from how to speak perspective.

My brain is still finding evidence for how I will screw it up and not talk well in the meetings. It keeps telling me that I’m going to panic and blabber and fail with constant thoughts on how things will go wrong.

How do I approach this situation?  Any recommendation for ladder thoughts that I can tryout?