Anxiety-Producing Attempted Fail

One of my attempted fails this quarter on my way to having my own successful writing business is to apply for 20 jobs in one week. Now, I’m someone who hasn’t applied for 20 jobs in my lifetime! I tend to stick with what I’ve got. What makes me think I can find and apply for 20 jobs in seven days, asks my brain? I tell myself it’s an odds game, and if I do my homework and apply for 20 jobs in that short amount of time, I have a shot at, if not getting any of those jobs, at least learning a lot about research and the process of applying for jobs. So, no real failure, right? Of course, being shot down 20 times would not feel too good. That being said, any advice, insights or thoughts I can be thinking when my brain inevitably tells me to forget it, there’s no way I can apply for that many jobs in that little bit of time?
On a side note, six months ago, before I started in SCS, I would have never even considered applying for that many jobs in a year’s time, let alone a week’s time. Just getting my brain to this point has been so gratifying:)
Thanks for everything