Anxiety – resisting an emotion

Hi Brooke!
Oh my gosh your over drinking program is SOOOO helpful for my overeating (I don’t even drink but listen because it’s so relevant). So you said in one of the calls “anxiety is caused by resisting an underlying emotion” which stopped me in my tracks. That makes complete sense and huge aha moment! I definitely see this in regards to raising 3 children who meltdown daily and me thinking it shouldn’t be happening like you said. Also, my biggest source of anxiety are these 3 thoughts “I will die young and my kids lives will be ruined.” or “My kids or my husband could die at any moment and I need to prevent this.” or “There is no afterlife and if my children/husband die I will lose them forever.” If I didn’t believe those or react to those thoughts, I would be a 180 version of who I am right now which is constantly worrying and expending so much energy trying to prevent tragedy or see it coming. I’m wondering if the anxiety being because I resist the fact that I don’t have control to prevent tragedy, that I don’t know if there is an afterlife, and that I could also die at any moment? Or do you have a suggestion on how I work through these?