Anxiety & Uncertainty

This is follow up to Bev’s session 9/3.
Is this solid? Any suggestions to tighten it up?
And why is this model bugging me so much? Because my brain still seeks certainty and control over “C”s?
C: The future is uncertain (Uncertainty)
T: Then there is no point in “A” or “R” – I shouldn’t plan or do anything; it would be a waste of time, energy and resources.
F: Deflated
A: Confused, cancel the hair appointment, write into AAC, watch tv, stop sorting pills, cancel the subscriptions, delay going to grocery store, lay around
R: Nothing got done >>>> T: AAARRGHH!! I am not ok with this result, but I think I “should” be because uncertainty is FACT F: Angry A: write to AAC, take a nap R: nothing got done