Anxiety when I think about my goal at work


I’m going back to work today, and I feel anxiety. I did a thought download and a model on this.
My goal at work (and the reason I was hired) is to organize the company so that we can grow and scale up by July 2020.

C. My goal at work
T. I need to change the habits of the team if I want to reach my goal
F. Anxiety
A. I try to convince the boss to reorganize my way, so that he can convince the other managers to change the way we work in the company. I try to change the way the boss works.
R. I need to change the habits of the team in order to reach my goal

Working on this model made me realize that I’m trying to control others in order to achieve my goal, which obviously doesn’t work no matter how much personal energy I invest.

It also made me realize that the goal I have at work is not fully under my control, and was not even defined by me originally. It was handed over to me and accepted by me.

I haven’t figured out what to do yet, but here are the options that I can think of:
– I change this goal to make it something under my control -> I’m changing my circumstance.
– I choose not to accept this goal anymore and hand it back over to my boss, while offering to help him reach his goal -> I’m changing a bit my circumstance.
– I keep the goal and I try to achieve it by only counting on voluntary people in the company -> limited control over the result.
– I keep the goal and ask for the authority to make decisions: people can refuse to change the way they work, and there are consequences -> I’m influencing other people’s choice, which is still an attempt of controlling other people.

I’m curious to know what you can see that I can’t in this situation.
I have the impression that no solution is satisfactory because I’m either changing my C, or I’m pursuing something that I have no real control over, or I’m still trying to control others. And from what I remember, Brooke doesn’t recommend to do any of these.

Thanks in advance!