Anxiety when I’m with my kids

I felt such anxiety today when I was taking care of my three young kids which happens a lot. I tried to figure out what thoughts were causing me the anxiety (see below). I had to run some errands this morning and then my husband was working all afternoon/evening. I’m about to start a seven day stretch of work tomorrow. I knew I needed to clean the house and prepare for my long work week. This afternoon, I felt anxious and think it’s because I started to worry that I wasn’t doing enough for the kids. That it wasn’t fair to them that I hadn’t planned anything for them. That I didn’t want my son to have a friend over because it was overwhelming to me to take care of all the kids and clean the house and get ready for a stressful work week. I also worry that they’re not getting enough time outside, that I’m not encouraging exercise enough, and that they’re watching too much TV. Sometimes I feel like I’m so wrapt up in my own activities that I don’t do or plan enough for them. I never feel like I do enough for anybody. Any suggestions?