Anxiety + Worry

Some days I find myself buffering in a loop of drama, anxiety + worry …. all self-inflicted. I don’t have drama about other people, I create it for myself. It’s exhausting! Today is a day where I’m thought looping scenarios of WHAT COULD happen… sort of worst case scenario stuff in minor aspects of my life.

What can I do on days like this? I keep telling myself… ah ha, that’s my old-brain – old habits creeping in and I’m not going to indulge the thoughts but then before I even realize it, I’m worrying about something that COULD happen all over again. And my thoughts snowball.

I remember Brooke having a video about a 5-minute emotional makeover (I think that’s what it was called?) … can you share a link to that or something else to put in action on days like these?

I’ve done my thought downloads + a few models and now just an hour later, my brain is back at it!