Anxious about the week.

Sunday nights, I typically feel anxious and dread Mondays. I work for myself. I think Monday’s have come to represent a reminder that I am “behind”, the beginning of a chaotic week and another day for me to play catch-up. I want to rework my model around this thought that I’m behind. Here is where I’m at, I’d love recommendations on my model and additional thoughts to try:

C- Sunday night
T- I’m already behind for the week
F- anxiety
A- I stay up later than I should on Sunday, I go in late or take Monday off, I create overwhelm.
R- I fall further behind and I perpetuate the cycle.

T- I’ll get the most important things done this week
F- focused
A- I go to bed earlier on Sunday, make sure I’ve planned breakfast and prep myself for a productive week
R- I wake more energized, I make good use of the day and I get the most important things done.