Anxious as Action

Can Anxious be an action?

I still struggle with anxiety occasionally, specifically if there is sickness going around. My model doesn’t feel right.

C sickness
T what if we get sick
F fear, anxiety
A clean house
R hope nobody gets sick

Intentional Model
C sickness
T It’s part of life and we would get better again
F confident
A clean house
R nobody gets sick

I clean when I’m anxious, but the way I clean has a totally different feel. If I’m anxious I’m uptight and snappy at my kids. I can’t relax. I try to clean the entire house and disinfect the house. Then I have hope that no one will get sick and live with fear around me for about 3 days until I’m sure we didn’t catch the bug. The fear makes me want to stay home and not go anywhere.

When I’m not anxious I will still clean but it’s more relaxed and I feel confident that we are a healthy family and that no one will get sick.

Thank you!