Anxious Day

I am having an anxious day. I have two circumstances that I am thinking anxious thoughts about.

C – Dad is in spinal surgery
T – Surgery is risky for an 80 year old
F – Anxious
A – Wander around my house, check messaging obsessively for updates, try to buffer with work
R – Still anxious

I was really calm and positive up until the day, but now the model above is true. I am not sure what to use for an intentional model. Being concerned about surgery feels right to me but I’m not feeling it in the way I want to if that make sense. Concerned but not anxious.

Secondly, I was trying to distract myself with work (buffering) but there has been some drama with a project I’m working on which I am thinking anxious thoughts about as well so it’s not helping anyway!

C – Project over run and ongoing issue
T – (so very many but I’ll pick one) I am useless
F – Anxious
A – Try to work to resolve/minimise the issue, feel anxious, think thoughts that people are going to think I’m hopeless, think thoughts that I was a bit arrogant, walk around my house, procrastinate
R – Added anxiety and issue not solved.

What do you suggest?