Anxious Thoughts/Feelings in the AM

I’m getting so much out of my first month in scholars, but I’ve noticed that since I’ve (mostly) stopped buffering, I am dealing with a lot of anxious thoughts/feelings first thing in the morning. I’ve had anxiety for years but had plenty of buffers to cope. Without my buffers, I’m more aware than I’ve ever been and I’m trying to feel my feelings all the way through, but it’s really hard! Unfair question, I know, but on average, when does managing our minds get easier? On one of Brooke’s videos, she said she wakes up with anxiety everyday. I’m worried I will, too (one more worry to add to a lengthy list). Fortunately, I do start to gradually feel better as the day goes on, but mornings are tough! What else should I be doing besides processing my thoughts/feelings all the way through?

Thank you all!