Any link between weight loss and hemorrhoids?

I apologize in advance for the TMI you are about to read. I started scholars inspired by the goal of losing 8 pounds in June.

Things are going great with weight loss and I have already lost 8 pounds. I was feeling so good and in control and then I got strangely constipated. I thought maybe it was just my cycle, I often get constipated before my period. But this time was different and resulted in painful hemorrhoids that hit two days ago and literally knocked me down. I was baffled and frustrated. I had been eating right, exercising and not sitting too much.

I have had hemorrhoids before many times but not in over 2 years. I am careful to eat lots of fiber, take a fiber supplement, drink lots of water and not sit for too long to avoid flare ups. In my most recent quest to discover why this had happened, I read that fiber supplements are recommended to prevent hemorrhoids but that if you don’t drink enough water they can cause constipation. I also know that it takes a lot of water for your body to burn fat and I have been burning fat.

Could it be that though I was drinking a lot, I was not drinking enough? I have increased my water intake since reading this but what I am wondering is, might it be better for me to stop taking the fiber pill? I assume when we “eat” our own fat it does not cause constipation. Is that correct? Or, have some fellow pound shedders also had trouble with constipation? Do you have any tips or insights that might help me?