Any Resources for Initiating a Divorce

I want to ask my husband of 26 years for a divorce. I initiated a divorce in 2015 and never went through with it for financial reasons. I do not believe he has the ability to support himself and feel that I have a financial obligation for him. I was also told by the attorney that I would have to pay alimony. I was also not in a good place emotionally at the time I initiated. I have since done a lot of mental work and have gotten to the place where I have no anger or resentment toward my husband. I no longer have a manual for him. We have an amicable relationship. We have co-existed in the same house for the past five years with no physical or emotional intimacy. I’ve just worked on myself and am okay with me. My husband has a lot of good qualities but we can have the exact same relationship without being married. I am 60, the primary breadwinner, and do not know how I will support two households. This has kept me stuck for years. I want to just move forward and figure it out. Do you have resources for women initiating divorce? Thank you.