MMSo I’m going through the apathy podcast and answering all the questions. What’s coming up for me really is that I’m ultimately apathetic towards myself. Whenever I start things, I don’t tend to finish them and the reason at the end of the day is that I don’t fully believe in myself.  I am building my business and what is really holding me back of course is myself and my thoughts.  I did make a great decision finally and decided what I want my area of espertise to be and am taking the appropriate actions to get there like taking classes and learning more about my craft. It’s like when I did not choose a niche, I don’t have to do the work, I can dabble here and there. Now I want to get to work on it and is scares the crap out of me. I am also going through the money course which is helping but as soon as I look at the money I’m investing I think, oh that class I signed up for is expensive knowing full well it will help with my niche. I want to stop this  scarcity money mindset as well as not believing I can be great at what I do.  Help me with some mantras to clean up my thinking!!!