Appetite is too big

All my life I have had what I consider to be a big appetite. As a kid I ate more than my friends–just seemed hungrier than them. And I wasn’t overweight as a kid, just muscular and athletic. My daughter is 14 and the same–very muscular (though lean), and has a big appetite, bigger than her friends.

Anyway, now I am trying to lose about 5 pounds. My group of friends is very health conscious and I notice that they seem to hardly eat anything. We had dinner tonight and they each had one plate of a salad and/or vegetable dish, maybe a small amount of meat, and then seemed completely full and satisfied. I had TWO full plates of the same, was still hungry and then ate a bunch more food at home. This is not an isolated occurrence; I constantly notice that I seem to need more food than everyone else. The thought I am having is that something is wrong with me that I seem to want/need so much food. And that this need will interfere with me losing weight.

Here are my models:
C: Friends ate 1 plate of food, I ate 2 plates of food and then more at home
T: Something is wrong with me that I am this hungry
F: Shame
A: Overanalyze, beat myself up, buffer to feel better (eat more food),
R: I treat myself badly, and I eat too much food

C: Friends ate 1 plate of food, 1 ate 2 plates of food and then more at home
T: I’ll never be able to lose weight because I need so much food
F: Helpless
A: Half-hearted attempts, don’t really commit to weight loss
R: I don’t lose weight

C: Same
T: No one else is like this
F: Shame
A: Notice what other people eat and compare it to me
R: Gain more evidence that no one is like me

Can you help?