Apples and Oranges

I have been practicing lots of models and have sort of a trivial one that I’m getting stuck on one that is about literal apples and oranges:

C: There are apples and oranges in my fridge.
T: Apples are so gross compared to oranges.
F: Judgmental / Close-minded
A: I almost always choose an orange over an apple when I want a snack. I leave the apples to be eaten by someone else or added to my oatmeal eventually, which I avoid doing until the apples are almost too old. Since I run out of oranges much more quickly, I add them to my grocery list every week and get to try different varieties like sumo oranges, cara cara, etc. I only get apples when I have to as a healthy side at Panera (better than getting chips or bread, in my view).
R: I eat lots of oranges, which I enjoy picking out at the store. I do not develop a taste for apples, especially since when I do finally eat any apples they are usually older and not even a variety I would choose since they came from Panera and were selected for me.