Appreciation – how to get it done!

Hi Brooke and all the other fabulous coaches behind this work:

Just wanted to share some appreciation for all the amazing things I’ve learned about how to make a schedule and stick to it. I thought I knew how to do this before – my job requires me to be an incredibly detailed planner if I want to get done all my work and still have a life outside of work, but I learned how to be so much MORE efficient using your method of sticking to the calendar NO MATTER WHAT. Recently, I realized I had to totally step up my game if I was going to make some results happen at work – I have just finished 2 days of crushing it in terms of my overall productivity and results at work. I’ve impressed myself.

And it’s not only with work. It’s also with the gym/ exercise. Every day I workout. I either do yoga in the mornings, go for a walk/hike on the weekends, or do a cycling class. EVERYDAY and that’s because it’s on my calendar. I do my SCS homework EVERYDAY because it’s on my calendar. And most importantly I’m doing these things because it feels good to honor myself and stick to my commitments. Even if I don’t feel like doing yoga on a particular morning in the moment, I do it anyways because I love myself. Damn. I just can’t say thank you enough.

You know, and this isn’t to say that there aren’t really hard days for me in between these pockets of joy. I’m so looking forward to the organizing your mind and life work in October because I can see how it will help me keep my thoughts clean and understand my pain, but not react to it as much. This is really the next frontier for me – in moments where I am having a negative thoughts and feelings I need to learn how to not lash out at my loved ones or overindulge in those negative thought/ feeling/ action loops that I have sometimes have. I believe I can do it.