Approach her

Hey, I want to be able to meet a woman out and about instead of online, and every time I see a gal that I am attracted to I can’t seem to make the approach, how can I overcome this?

Here are some models, any thoughts?

Unintentional Model:

C: I am not approaching women

T: I need to get out of my head
Why can’t I get myself to make the approach?
Want to quit and go back to online dating
I am going to get rejected
This will not work

F: Disappointed
Fear of approaching women
Feel like a loser
Angry at self

A: Avoid the approach

R: Single

Intentional Model:

C: I easily approach and meet new women anywhere I go

T: I have made successful approaches in the past
I completely love and accept myself, A rejection doesn’t affect my value
I can approach regardless of my mood
If a girl likes me she will make it easy to meet her
Every approach can lead to an amazing relationship

F: At ease

A: Make the approach

R: get the girl 🙂