Approval and being enough

Hi, question around approval.  I see myself having chased approval for the large part of my life, in order to be worthy and enough. I understand that we seek approval from other people when we do not approve of ourselves, we don’t think we are enough and try to get something external to reach the enough-ness.

Now, the obvious “prescription” for freedom would be to approve of yourself and get to believe “I am already enough”. So my 2 questions would be…
1.  How do we actually do this in practical terms?  How do we approve of ourselves?  What does it mean to do so?
2.  On being enough: What about when we reach the point were we think we are 90% enough but not quite actually 100%?

From all the coaching calls I have attended so far, hearing the stories of coaches that went to the place of believing it 100% it seems to me like it is “simply” wanting to believe it and repeating the literal sentence, “I am enough no matter what” over and over again to the point where, by repetition, it sinks in.  I’d love your feedback on this. Many thanks