I am in a funk over this topic because as I wrote before, time management is not something I struggle with at all. Even when I worked full time and raising a family this was not an issue for me. I am organized and manage my time well. So it was suggested that I continue to work on February or March work. I’m nervous that I will start to loose motivation with doing the same thing. When I think about time for me I think not so much about the clock and getting things done but maybe if anything the things I just don’t make time for no good reason (more time with husband, exercise , owed phone calls I need to make out of obligation). These are more I “should” do this or make time for this but they aren’t things that really bother me. If I improved upon them I would probably feel better about myself, but I just don’t know. I seriously don’t want to loose my momentum with this program after just 2 months. I think it was mentioned maybe I should do the How to Feel better program instead. Is there a monthly book and homework book with that and is this a topic that is coming for another month. I was not a member in January. Would it be a good idea to get the January materials whatever they are and work on that topic????