April Focus

Hi, I would like to focus on not losing my temper with my kids. Trying to figure out how that would transfer into time management and combining the two?
Would it simply be checking off days without screaming? or do I have to have a plan for what that would look like if I’m not screaming at the kids, then what am I doing? and also if I do try to go for no screaming goal then will I be then just resisting the urge to take it out on them? Should I work with this issue from a urges point of view? Should I collect a 100 urges to scream?

ok ,my model:

C: kids do stuff
T: I don’t know what To do. they never listen. they shouldn’t be doing this. they should know better . etc
F: frustrated, angry
A: lose temper
R: Bad relationship with my kids. I’m frustrated, kids as well.

Intentional Model:
C: kids do stuff
T: I know exactly what to do. I Can handle it. (right now my bridging thought: I don’t know what to do and it’s okay)
F: Calm
A: Be kind and do what needs to be done.
R: Good relationship with my kids

right now I’m so so so far away from the intentional thought that my bridging thought is the only one that feels good. SO – how can I apply this to my April homework. I would like to learn time management. Should I do them separately. Prioratize temper and do time management if i want to make time for it as a second priority?

Please help. thanks