April Goal BM

Hi Brooke

My April goal is the same as my Impossible Goal – I am finding it really challenging to plan because there is a huge amount of R&D for a new product I am developing using contracted scientists who, because they are Government employed and not very commercial, are very slow. We have agreed to Work Plans and schedules, key deliverables and expected results but still they are incredibly slow and it has been an insanely frustrating process – 6 months of it. I can’t hurry them as they do what they do slowly and in the time frame that they are accustomed to. If these people were directly on my team, I would have fired them months ago, but they are the only scientists in the country with a particular set of expertise that I need. My C line is: Scientists. I have allocated all my steps, I am very driven and focused but the promised results are never delivered on time, so I feel like I am always behind and failing, its driving me crazy!

C: scientists
T: They are so slow, they never deliver what they promise on time. My product R&D is behind schedule, I am frustrated and feel like I am behind in my life and failing.
F: frustrated, worried, angry
A: I ring the scientists or email them just about every day to chase them up
R: getting nowhere fast

Is there a better way for me to work this model, it is really challenging when I am relying on other peoples expertise. I am incredibly determined and motivated and I want to do all my homework and meet my goals but these people’s work ethics are outside of my control, obviously.

C: Scientits
T: This is happening in the exact right way and its all going to work out fine
F: Relieved and on track
A: Keep on with my massive goal and project, doing everything I can and know to keep the project moving ahead
R: a kick arse product – hopefully!?

Many thanks BM