April goal (EV)

Does it matter which goal I choose?

I want to make $5k by the end of April.

I’ve also never had a paying client so maybe it can be

I will get x clients by the end of April.

I’m still working on believing that this is possible for me but I’m not giving up on myself.

Scheduling this will be interesting cause I’m figuring out how long things actually take.

I want to not overwhelm myself either because I’m trying to build trust with myself. And Ive already had this goal before and have tried to do million different things and by the 2nd week, I’m no longer following the plan.

I’ve been avoiding planning because I have a thought “ you’re not gonna follow through anyway”.

So I’m stuck between trying to go ALL IN and building trust in doing things one step at a time with one focus each day.

How can I move through this ? Thanks