April Homework – One last question

Happy Sunday – So I posted twice this month – the homework is making me nuts & Nuts for time management. It’s been 2 weeks since I started applying this work to my email/ productivity issues at work and I had only one day that I left work with emails in my inbox but I knew how to handle it and fixed it this weekend. I also listened to one of the books you recommended “Do the Work.” In it, the author mentions to start with the end in mind. I’ve been applying that to time management.. What do I want my end state to be at the end of the weekend? And then scheduling all the things I need to do to achieve that.

Here is what I learned: I never account for transition time between tasks, I never account for time to eat ( I seem to think if I have 8 hours of tasks to do, I can book myself for 8 full hours without time to take a break, eat, or even drive to where I need to be if one of the tasks is away from home). AND then, when I run out of time because I’m not on schedule, the items that get tossed out are – Walking my dogs, Time with my spouse, you get the picture. It is not lost on me that these are things I would spend my last 24 hours on earth doing.

So Big AH HA around how I’m planning my time.. and plenty of thought work to do around the conflict between what I love to do and what I think I’m responsible for. I lots to work with there.

I have also noticed that when I allocated time to a task, I’m looking at it as if it were money… as in “House cleaning – 4 hours” because I really do not want to spend any more time than that each week on my house. It just isn’t worth one minute more.

So here it is… When you book your time – do you say – this is what the task is worth, not a minute more, and then just stop at that time and move on to the next task done or not? Or do you say “Next time I book this, I see it takes longer than I allowed” so you add time next time?

I’m so interested in your statement that you are more productive and never feel rushed. I want to never feel rushed and start spending my time on the things I hold dear and taming the crud that doesn’t matter.