April Homework Question

I’ve been a little resistant doing this hw every morning. I need to go back and rewatch your video to give me the inspiration I need. It’s funny I do normally plan and put my list in the calendar to schedule it. But for some reason, I’m doing other stuff to avoid doing the homework first and before you know it I have to leave the house for work and don’t fully do it.

However, in the mean time, I do my thought download for today:

I have enough time today no matter all the things I have to do. I don’t know how I’m going to get it all done and also plan for the week without feeling a bit stressed with all I have to do this week. I can learn to say no more so I can value you myself and my time regardless of what others may think. I’m not honoring my time. I’m also putting to much on my to do list.

What is the circumstance here? I always seem to struggle for what the circumstance is for this time mgmt exercise. I usually just write Time as the circumstance. I know it’s got to be a fact. the facts that stem from my thought download are: My husband & I along with one of my children are going to a communion today. I could have said no which is what my husband wanted to do. We have so many things we wanted to get done this weekend (outside landscaping work done) and we only have weekends to get it done. Its’ my daughters bf brother and they are having it in their backyard. They could have just invited my daughter or I could have just let her go. They live on the same street. I said to my husband how can we say no and you be outside doing lawn and outside stuff. So as you can see, I was worried what they might think. So yesterday, was swallowed by my husband unexpectedly having to spend the whole day fixing his moms front door lock that broke. That was fine but the whole weekend got messed up with us not getting anything done. We will just have to do everything next weekend. So this morning, I’m going to have to rush a bit to do menu planning, shopping and be in a bit of a rush because I decided to go to the communion. So my thoughts are why did I decide to do something that I really don’t want to do really which is causing me to not get everything done I needed to get done in my home, cooking and this will fall over into my week of running around trying to get things done. So today looking at my week I really should have spent some time cooking for the days it will be tough during the week to do which I can’t do. I can only plan and shop this morning.

I’m not sure what the model is here or maybe there are two. Any suggestions?

p.s I also could have planned my stuff yesterday and also shopped instead of waiting for my husband to get done with his stuff (because we also had planned to shop for my sons birthday together). Orig thinking it was just going to be a 2 hr job but it turned out to be much bigger than that. I caught up on laundry and do some catch up reading for scholars (for this homework and tried to schedule everything out) and certification which is what I wanted to do but today I’m wondering if I really managed my time right. I wasted a lot of time on other things and didn’t get everything done I wanted to. I suppose this homework is something I MUST do everyday to get to the place I want. Thank you!!! This is my last month in scholars until after certification. I will miss it!